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Build Your Retirement Wealth - Create a Nest Egg for Independence

The Wisdom Investor System is designed to teach all levels of investors how to maximize profits in the financial markets.  We use simple methods and strategies that are proven and time tested.  "We show you the secrets that the financial professionals don't want you to know."  Be on the right side of the market when it is going up and out of the market when it is going down.  Learn how to protect your life savings or investment.


  • Invest in the stock market for maximum gains and profits.
  • Aggressive investors can take advantage of the market swings.
  • Conservative investing to build your wealth and nest egg.
  • Learn the strategies and investing systems laid out on this site.
  • Investing strategies that will protect your investments from loss. 


       free stock market training Retirement Wealth Building - This is designed for investors that want to maximize their profits using mutual funds or ETF funds. This portfolio is perfect for investing for the long term and also building a retirement nest egg.


       timing the market Aggressive Trader - This is for the aggressive trader that wants to maximize profits.  We use ETF funds that are created to take advantage of the market swings up and down. This strategy is designed for investors that are willing to take extra risk in the markets by using leveraged funds.



  • Learn stock market technical analysis.
  • Daily video updates
  • Learn to use various indicators and moving averages.
  • Profit from the trends in the market.
  • Evaluate momentum indicators to assist you in predicting the direction in the market.
  • Stock market trading strategies and market timing.
  • Candlestick charting.
  • Fibonacci analysis.
  • When to buy and sell.
  • How to set stops to protect your gains.
  • Protect your money from losses.

We analyze the markets daily, using comprehensive candlestick charting techniques, momentum indicators, moving averages and patterns so you don't have to.  Many of the financial professionals make this a complicated process to confuse you.  The market can move in random ways that can make it seem impossible to trade successfully.  We guide you through the daily and weekly movements of the market and give you simple methods and strategies to trade the stock market.

We do the technical analysis so you won't have to.  We are not market timers, but instead follow what the market is showing us.  People have the same behavioral patterns over time, doing the same thing over and over.  The stock market is made up of people and the patterns of the stock market repeat.  By using proven indicators and following the patterns the market shows us, we can profit from the trends in the market.

Disclaimer: Trading in financial securities such as stocks, bonds, options, index funds and Forex are risky and should not be bought before you do your own review.  Financial securities involve a significant levels of risk and the possibility to lose money.

Thank you in advance.  Get started now.  Daily Market Update - Free Daily Market Update

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